About Us

Kind Regards exists for three reasons:

We are so lucky in Australia to have some outstanding companies that are all making incredible products that we passionately believe in.  We have made good friends with brands that are all on missions to make important changes to consumable items and we invite you to join these worthwhile missions by shopping at Kind Regards.  It's a little change to switch the brand of hand wash you use over to Thankyou, who is a social enterprise that brings consumers a product choice that exists all-for the end of extreme poverty, (and is made in Australia too!) or to Sugar Wrap garbage bags which are made from sustainable sugar cane Bio-PE renewable material and are CO2 positive so good for the planet.

Kind Regards stock products that are all "goods doing good" but what does "good" mean?  Well, foremost the products all work incredibly well, they are the best of breed, the top of the pops, the creme de la creme so you don't need to worry about quality or performance - they are products that we have tried, tested and taken to our own hearts.  Additionally all the products "do good" in some way, but your version of "good" might be different to someone elses and that is as it should be, the world would be a less interesting place if we all thought the same.  So we have categorised "goodness" in different ways and you can choose which are important to you; 

  • Social Enterprise
  • Planet Friendly
  • Australian Made
  • Organic
  • Supports Indigenous Australians

We appreciate that as a business you need service which is reliable that's why we offer the best wholesale experience with fast shipping and whilst it may sound cheesy - we deliver "service with a smile".  We appreciate that you need convenience as you are busy doing important work (and maybe buying toilet paper or hand wash is not even on your job description!) so we have put all the products you need in one place so you no longer have to use three different suppliers and take a trip to the supermarket to get all the items you need.   We know that budget is important too which is why we work on wholesale pricing so that you will automatically make some savings for your budget.  Finally and perhaps most importantly, we work with brands and products which will fit into your company's ethos and values and will make you feel "good" because your purchase will be supporting them and their missions too.