Thankyou Amenities

Amenities Range: Thankyou Shampoo, Conditioner & More

Thankyou is a social enterprise on a mission to reduce the number of individuals living in extreme poverty by using their profits to fund charitable projects. Thereby, in purchasing a product from Thankyou's Amenities range, including Thankyou Shampoo and Conditioner, you are becoming part of the solution.

Synonymous with the values of quality, sustainability and authenticity, all of Thankyou’s Amenities range are Vegan Friendly and formulated using only the finest quality natural ingredients. Including Thankyou Conditioner, Shampoo, Body Wash, Lotion, Handwash and more. All of Thankyou’s Amenities range are crafted using sustainable means so that you can rest assured not only are these products kinder to you but kinder to the environment.

The Thankyou Amenities range helps hotels and various accommodations around Australia make more eco-friendly and sustainable choices with regard to their amenities. Scented with soothing Chamomile and Australian Rosewater, Thankyou’s Amenities products, including Thankyou Shampoo and Conditioner, are guaranteed to leave your skin and hair feeling clean, soft and well nourished.

So when you purchase one of Thankyou’s Shampoos, Conditioners or any other product from the Thankyou’s Amenities range, not only are you treating your hair, but you are contributing to the broader community.

Thankyou Amenities are beautifully-designed, world-class products made from the best of the best ingredients to refresh and nourish your skin. They are exclusively available to the hotel and accommodation industry. 

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